About Us

South Park Family School

South Park Family School has a proud tradition, based on a philosophy of cooperative parent participation. Learning through play, hands-on experiences, and a focus on process over product are part of our learning philosophy. Staff, children and parents work together to support a community where the arts and the environment are integral to all aspects of learning. Music, choir, dance, theatre and authentic two- and three-dimensional art, as well as regular outdoor experiences are part of every classroom. Fostering creative and critical thinking and a strong connection to nature are emphasized. Social responsibility is developed through a multitude of collaborative experiences including multi-age classes, multi-class activities, community service, whole school projects, performances and whole school themes.

Student progress is communicated without letter grades in a variety of ways. Specific, meaningful feedback from teachers and parents and thoughtful student self-assessment and reflection is used to create a community, focused on supporting students’ growth and learning.

As part of their commitment to the family school community and philosophy, parents are encouraged to be directly and meaningfully involved in their child’s classroom and in the greater school community; supporting both their own child and their peers. Parents and guardians participate in three class meetings each year and two student-led conferences annually for each of their enrolled children. Families also initiate and lead projects and learning opportunities around the school and volunteer their time to support class enrichment activities, field trips, fundraising initiatives and school community events throughout the year. All staff and parents/guardians are addressed by their first names, thus enhancing and supporting the family feeling of the school. South Park Family School’s focus on cooperation and collaboration supports self-awareness and empathy amongst all it’s members.

As a participation school, we work collectively to create a vibrant and innovative community of learners.