The Library

Welcome to South Park Family School Library!

Here are some useful links:

Our library home page and catalog – On the page that opens, scroll down to South Park Family School.  Here you can find links to our school library catalog, sites we have used in library classes, online research sites for kids, family literacy information, and much more….

South Park Book Talks – Kathy’s blog about all sorts of literacy resources (think “transliteracy”)

Helping Kids Learn to Enjoy Reading – Advice from another children’s librarian

Here are her main points:

  • Make reading fun, not work.
  • Read aloud to and with your child.
  • Let your child read the kinds of books that he or she wants, even if they are non-fiction, and even they aren’t officially at your child’s grade level. Explore a broad range of genres, including graphic novels.
  • Model reading behavior yourself.
  • Look for other activities, like going to the library, and performing reader’s theater, that make reading enjoyable and relevant.
  • Be aware of possible learning differences and vision difficulties that may be compounding the problem.
  • Here are some links to recent library projects: