2018-2019 Kindergarten Registration

Because South Park Family School is a school of choice; we do not have a catchment area.  The registration priorities for South Park Family School will be a blend this year of date the original waitlist / application form was received by the office staff and our new student enrolment priorities of:

  • Re-enrolling (this does not apply to kindergarten students because they are new registrants)
  • School District 61 sibling
  • School District 61
  • Out of School District 61 sibling
  • Out of School District 61

Once students are enrolled at South Park and complete their Grade 5 year, they will automatically be pre-transitioned to their catchment school for Grade 6.  In the past, all South Park students often followed the pathway of the school family group to Central Middle School. However, due to increasing enrolment and new student enrolment priorities, Non-catchment Grade 5 and Grade 8 students will no longer automatically follow the pathway of schools. They will be pre-transitioned to their catchment school based on their home address.  Non-catchment Grade 5’s and Grade 8’s will have to apply for a transfer during the K-12 Student Transfer Process if they wish to continue in a non-catchment pathway.

The student enrolment priorities will be applied to elementary to middle and middle to secondary transitions.In addition to these new priorities; there are new requirements in place for proof of residential address which can be found on the Greater Victoria School District at:


Registration for Kindergarten for South Park Family School for the 2018-2018 school year will take place at South Park from January 8-12, 2018 from 8:00am – 3:00pm.   Parents/Guardians must enroll their student in person, we will not accept faxed or emailed documents.  If you are unable to register your child in person, you will need to provide written proof for the proxy you are sending on your behalf.

Carmen Gauvreau